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"On behalf of the very many people who where ministered to by you and your team and many lives changed. I would like to say thank you again, people keep calling and coming to church to tell us how God has touched them through your ministry."

"One great work you did was the WATER PROJECT AT MUKUNIKE, worthy of thousand of dollars. This water project is even up to today a testimony to the many villages and families that would have died because of lack of water and food. That rural community can not forget you. They say they saw God coming to their help. While they used to travel many miles daily to look for drinking water and buy, you and your blessed ministry brought it so close to them and you gave it free to them. They always say God Bless you, not only that, you also send money to refill the tanks. They say God Bless you. You did something that was not something one would imagine it may happen one day. Many traveled from far to see the great work of kindness which happened to the Mukunike. All of us will remain grateful!"

​"Thank you also for the financial gift to my family it helped us pay tuition for our son, we couldn't have afforded. Thank you so very much."

"There was an elderly man over 80 years who was brought in the first day of medical camp day, the man was being helped to walk, he was very sick, and almost giving up in life. After seeing the doctors and put on the right medications and trusting God. The old man came back three Sundays ago to testify how God had healed him and he gave a lot of praises to your ministry and your team. Words only cannot explain the wonderful things God did!"

"The conference days where awesome, men and women were touched and imparted by the power of God as you ministered to the many who attended the meetings to everyone of us. It was a time we can't forget, and always the people are asking when are you coming again"

"The Children of Gioto, who are orphans and destitute, still say thank you , for the gifts, the food you gave them both cooked and raw. You gave to their parents. You gave to the elderly, the very needy, the clothing tyou have to the naked, and the monies you gave to many to buy essential item, it is only God who will bless you, saints of God."

"Many women in the dumpsite who live by the dump and eat from the dump waste the day you visited them changed their lives and the items you bought from them, they said the proceedings will help buy food for their children, they look forward to seeing you again.

"I can't forget the children we visited who were so weak because of hunger and you helped them with food and you also paid tuition for a child who had no hope to see a high school door. God bless you. That family remembers you and they pray for you each time."

"Thank you for remembering us by your love, you never knew us, yet you trusted us, and believed in us. You gave us, what even our own government could not give us. We love you and we look forward to seeing you again."

Pastors Paul & Susan Muema

God's Community Church

Nakuru, Kenya

"I was so happy for your visit, for me I don't know how I can explain that. Before I was discourage, I was alone but, with Glory Unlimited Ministries who support my orphanage is big testimony. For me God bring you to help the poor children in Haiti. I have voluntarily to work, but my resources is finish, it's for that reason I was discourage, now Glory Unlimited Ministries come join their Hands with my Hand to work side by side this is the will of God. God is so wonderful He put more encouragement at my work, I don't know how I can thank God, I don't know how I can thank you Glory Unlimited Ministries, to come here and accept to help me carrying this cross very heavy. I love the poor and I am happy to serve the poor children."

"In my meeting with you, I analyze that we have the same Idea.

And I see God make us work together, side by side. I am very happy to work together. And I ask the Lord our God continue to guide you in your mission, The orphans need your help, the orphans loves you, Haiti loves you and I love you."

Rev. Father Jonel Bourdeau

Notre Dame Orphanage of Perpetual Rescue

Croix des Bouquet, Haiti

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Medical Camp in Nakuru

"Personally I am very grateful to God and to you, for I was sick and didn't until the special doctors in your team diagnosed a condition that I never knew I had such a condition, I was given medication, now I can say I am healthy strong and doing very well."               

Anonymous Patient at Medical Camp,

Nakuru, Kenya

Water Project in Mukunike

"Wow! Thank you for the wonderful donations of toiletries, baby and cleaning supplies, and so much more. It is evident that you all worked very hard to collect on behalf of women and children served by Wesley Shelter. You cannot imagine how much your gifts mean to us. We currently have 19 women and children in our safe house."            

                                        Lynne White Director of Women's Center

Wesley Shelter

Wilson, North Carolina

"I want to personally thank you for the variety of donated items Pastor Calvin Newsome brought to Longleaf.

These items will certainly come in handy for the General Store on 6th floor. I was also able to read in the Wilson Times about the "Prayer Changes Things Walk". The article was very inspiration. I was proud to see two of my register volunteers leading the way."             

Carlos D. Burks, Sr.

Volunteer Services Director I

Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center

Wilson, North Carolina

Children's Church in Kenya

Sis. Dorothy

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